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Spraying vs. Trapping

Simply trapping and releasing an animal will NOT prevent them from coming back. The scent of the animal is there..

There’s no job TOO BIG

Vasich Mobile Home Service can handle any size job. See our services

Macomb Daily Story

The Critter Gitter from Vasich Mobile Home Service was in the MaComb Daily’s Feature Story on Monday, April 02, 2012

Animal Removal Service


“We are Southeastern Michigan’s Premier Animal Removal Service for safe, non-toxic animal removal.”

We are Southeastern Michigan’s Premier Animal Removal Service for safe, non-toxic animal removal. For nearly 20 years, Vasich Mobile Home Service has been providing quality service to hundreds of happy customers. We offer a long list of Mobile Home Services, Residential & Commercial Restoration, as well as effective Animal Removal Services for both commercial and residential sites.

Wild animals such as Raccoons, Opossum and Skunks are strong, and if there is any sort of access to the area under your house–even if they have to pry away a loose piece of wood or tear a hole through the lattice or skirting on a mobile home–they will get in. Once in, they make noise, create damage under your home while they build their nests. In addition to the damage, the animals urinate and defecate, creating a terrible odor.

“They can be vicious when cornered or feel threatened”

These little animals may look cute, but they carry diseases such as roundworm and rabies, and can quickly lose their fear of humans. They can be vicious when cornered or feel threatened, which creates a major concern for possible danger, especially for small children. If any of these animals have set up house in the space beneath your home, we can help you evict them.

Animal removal is not all we do! We also repair the damage that is caused by these troubles critters. Call mike Vasich “The Critter Gitter” for a free home inspection & consultation on animal problems and repairs.

We are Michigan’s Animal Removal Insurance Clam Specialist for: Fire ♦ Wind ♦ Water ♦ Animal Damage. Ask us how we can pay up to $500 of your insurance deductible!

Wild Animals are dangerous, don’t attempt this on your own: Call Michigan’s Animal Removal Service “The Critter Gitter”

animal removal service

Company’s like AT&T and Consumers Energy trust us to keep wild critter’s away, you can also!

 Animal Removal Service – Critter Removal

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